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Hitman is about to get a lot tougher

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a Professional in Hitman? Well now’s your chance to prove it as lo-Interactive have annouced that a new, tougher difficulty level will be coming as part of the free January Update to coincide with the Hitman – The Complete First Season disc launch on January […]

Hitman 101 Gameplay Trailer

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We are just two weeks away from Hitman – The Complete First Season arriving on disc and to aid potential newcomers to the game Square Enix and IO Interactive have put together the Hitman 101 Gameplay Trailer. This trailer is a whistle-stop tour of what to expect and the skills you will need to craft […]

Hitman Season Finale takes you to Hokkaido, Japan

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The time has come to put everything you have learnt from both the story and the game to the test, in the Season Finale of Hitman, available today. Take Agent 47 to Hokkaido, Japan, where this time he has to locate two targets in the grounds of the hyper-exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort. The […]

Hitman – the season countdown has begun

Hitman Countdown Season Finale B

The Season Finale for the first season of Hitman is almost apon us and what better way to build up to the occasion than to take a walk down memory lane. Over the next 7 days (well 6 now) a new video will be posted every day as we approach the dramatic conclusion on the […]

Hitman: Time to Fix The Fixer

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It’s that time of the month again and yes the er…. 11th Elusive Hitman Target is now live. Travel to Marakesh this time and check out the briefing video to help you locate and take down your target. It’s time to FIx The Fixer For those who are new to the concept of the Elusive […]

Hitman enjoys life on the farm in his latest episode.

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If you’re a keen player of the Hitman game and haven’t already noticed, the latest episode is now available to download. Hitman: Episode 5 – Colorado is the penultimate Episode to come from Square Enix and Io Interactive and takes Agent 47 to a Colorado farm compound that has been converted into a private militia […]

Do you have the balls for the next Hitman Challenge pack?

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I have to say that Hitman is one of them games that just keeps giving. If you’re not already fully immersed and overwhelmed in the actual game itself, you then have the Elusive Targets that keep popping up, but it doesn’t stop there. IO-Interactive and Square Enix have just released The Master Fortune Teller Challenge […]

Agent 47 your next target is ‘The Pharmacist’

Hitman Elusive Target 10 - Pharmacist Banner

Those familiar with Agent 47’s career antics should be no stranger to the idea of the Elusive Target. Well it’s that time again and Target 10 is now live, your next target is The Pharmacist. However to engage this target players will need to own HITMAN Episode 1: Paris. For those who are new to […]

Less than 72 hours remain for Hitman Elusive Target 9 – The Black Hat

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Those familiar with Agent 47’s career antics should be no stranger to the idea of the Elusive Target. Well it’s that time again and Target 9 is now live, your next target is The Black Hat. This time however the Elusive Target is a little different as this is the first target where you DON’T […]

Hitman receives Companion App and toughest Elusive Target yet

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You cannot deny that Hitman is a great game and with the introduction of Elusive Targets the challenge and thrill of the hunt got so much better (you should ask our very own Max about that) but I couldn’t help but think there was something missing? Well the team at lo-Interactive and Square Enix might […]