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Xbox One Launch Title LocoCycle Hitting Xbox 360 On Valentines Day

It’s no secret that we didn’t really take to Twisted Pixel’s rather strange digital download by the name of LocoCycle, but that’s not to say we didn’t dislike everything about it! What felt like a basic offering better suited to the Xbox 360 is actually heading for the Xbox LIVE Arcade on Xbox 360 next […]

LocoCycle Xbox One Review

Twisted Pixel’s first title on the Xbox One launched on the Marketplace a few weeks ago by the name of LocoCycle. It’s a rather mad, yet slightly insane racing title featuring a bike that can perform a number of stunts and trick shots both on the open road and in mid-air. With live-action cut-scenes that […]

Xbox One’s Arcade Titles Have 1000 Gamerscore

It was hinted when the Halo: Spartan Assault achievements were revealed that Arcade titles on the Xbox One  could have 1000 Gamerscore when the One launches next Friday. After much speculating, this comment was released by a Microsoft employee. “On Xbox One games are games. All games follow the same policies for achievements and Gamerscore,”. […]