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Did someone say new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer?

Good, because there is… With just a couple of weeks to go, the Mass Effect hype train is gathering speed and will be arriving on March 23. Are you excited? I am…

Become a Pathfinder in the new Mass Effect cinematic trailer

EA have released a brand new cinematic trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. Yet again, the humans are troubled, but are the Pathfinders the answer? We don’t have long to wait to find out, as the game is getting ever closer to the 23rd March release date. Here is the trailer in all its glory:  

Mass Effect Andromeda to hit EA Early Access on March 16th

The official Mass Effect Andromeda Twitter have sent out a tweet replying to Twitter user @N7Follower confirming that the BioWare space RPG will be coming to Xbox One’s EA Early Access on March 16th. This came as a bit of a surprise, as originally it seemed it would hit Early Access only a couple of days before release, but […]

Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t have a season pass

The inclusion of season passes for games has become ubiquitous with new releases for several years now, offering up a slightly cheaper way to get a set of planned DLC with your latest purchase. It’s a bit of a cheeky proposition, asking consumers to pay extra on top of the already pricey products for content […]

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on March 21

EA have announced that Mass Effect Andromeda will release on March 21 this year. Europe will have to wait a couple of more days  before they get their hands on the game. Mass Effect Andromeda will showcase new characters, new planets, new species, and introducing new gameplay systems. And for the first time, Mass Effect will […]

Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a new trailer

EA have released a new teaser trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, showing off some of the new races, planets and dangers the Andromeda galaxy has in store for the new cast of characters you get to adventure with.

Halo 4 lead writer leaves Bioware for Bungie

Halo 4 lead writer, Christopher Schlerf, tweeted out confirmation that he has left Bioware, and is heading back to Seattle to work with Bungie. To confirm what some folks asked about a few months back, I am no longer working on ME:A at BioWare Montreal. — schlerf (@schlerf) February 16, 2016 All that said, very […]

E3 EA Conference – Mass Effect Andromeda announced

With only a small amount of detail but including a Holiday 2016 release, Mass Effect Andromeda will keep us guessing its story for a while yet… Check out the Bioware blog for more info.