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Trial and Error Gameplay

The phrase “Trial and Error” is often used to criticise a game, but on a very basic level, isn’t that what video games are all about? In this video, I’m going to look at the different ways Trial and Error can be used in games, the respective impact they can have and why it is […]

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Developer Diary 2

Earlier this morning Team NINJA let loose (released) the 2nd  episode of the Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z developer diary series. This second video explores the creation process of the franchise’s first cyber ninja, Yaiba Kamikaze, from conception right through to execution. Find out what makes Yaiba’s cybernetics tick, why Yaiba is the ninja to drink with […]

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 Spotted On Amazon France

Amazon France has recently outed an updated entry into the Ninja Gaiden series with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3. The game was listed with a release date of March 5th 2013 and hasn’t yet been officially revealed by the developers Tecmo Koei.