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Microsoft Files Patent for Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses

Remember that leaked document that highlighted Microsoft’s plans for the future of gaming with a schedule of all things Xbox 720 (as it was then) back in June 2012. From the information it contained it seems a 2013 next-gen console release was always on the cards for a new console, with Kinect-Glasses coming in 2014. […]

Glacier Blast From Microsoft

Microsoft has filed a trademark by the name of “Glacier Blast” for use within game software, so the logical explanation is that Microsoft Studio’s are either working on or soon to publish an upcoming game with the same name. Already in our minds we can perceive an image of an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, probably […]

New Microsoft Patent Backs Up Leaked Next-Gen Xbox Document

Last month, a hefty internal Microsoft Document had leaked online that outlined the organisation plans for the next-gen Xbox console. The two year old document that referred to the console as an Xbox 720 at the time detailed Blu-Ray, full 3D support, an “always-on” console state, support for DVR functionality to record tv shows, Kinect […]