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New Holiday Xbox One bundle bargain

At the end of October comes a new 1TB Xbox One holiday bundle, armed with Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Ori and the Blind Forest and Rare Replay. Packing 1TB of storage and 30+ games this bundle only weighs in at $399 and is a absolute bargain if your getting ready to buy a Xbox […]

TiX Podcast: We Play Replay

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett in the latest TiX Podcast – episode 12 We Play Replay – where the duo discuss Rare Replay, Mega Man Legacy Collection, Clash and a little more on Far Cry 4. The pair also discuss recent changes at TiX Towers regarding expanded […]

Rare Replay review

We all have fond memories of games that we played when we were younger, and for those of a certain age, I’d wager that some of your favourite games were made by a certain developer who is responsible for this very title, Rare Replay, a celebration of 30 years in the industry. The collection includes […]

E3 Microsoft Conference – round-up

Well…what an evening it’s been so far! Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries opened the show and wastes no time in letting the crowd know about the fact that there are plenty of awesome games coming to the Xbox One in 2015, taking a shot at Playstation saying that Xbox have the best exclusive games THIS year! […]