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Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores updates revealed

We have a new trailer for the next two Sea of Thieves updates. Cursed Sails will release in July and Forsaken Shores will follow in September.  

The Hungering Deep comes to Sea Of Thieves on May 29th

After promising that The Hungering Deep will release in May, Rare have announced a date of May 29th and with it a new trailer. Whilst the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage of the new PVE game mode, it does hint at a very large sea creature being the focus. Narrated by an NPC character […]

Sea Of Thieves “Hungering Deep” trailer coming next week

One thing that Rare are absolutely nailing at the moment are the weekly developer updates. In the latest video released this week, Executive Producer Joe Neate revealed that a trailer and release date for the first major update “The Hungering Deep’” will be revealed next week, and if they follow their normal schedule then this […]

Sea Of Thieves officially Rare’s most successful game

Sea of Thieves is officially Rare’s biggest game in its history, according to US industry tracking company The NPD Group who track retail and digital sales of games. Sea of Thieves has sold faster than any other Rare game since tracking started in 1995. “Sea of Thieves was the second best-selling game of March, and […]

Arrr… there be a Sea of Thieves patch

Arrr… me hearties, Rare have patched Sea of Thieves to address numerous issues that you land lovin’ folk have had since launch. I say patch… this is actually a full game update so rocks in at a hefty 9.9GB on Xbox One and 18.97GB on Xbox One X – the next update promises to be […]

Rare reveal Sea Of Thieves Achievements

It’s only days away from the release of Sea Of Thieves and Rare have revealed the details of the achievements that can be earned in-game. As per the games – and developers – sense of humour, the achievement descriptions are written in riddles. Now Bring Me That Horizon [10G] “With the capstan raised and the […]

Buy an Xbox One X and get Sea Of Thieves Free!

We are literally only days away from the launch of Sea Of Thieves and Microsoft have announced that from March 18th through to March 24th – at selected retailers – a purchase of an Xbox One X will come with a digital copy of Rare’s Sea Of Thieves. If you’re still not convinced by the […]

Its Friday 9th March and the Sea Of Thieves Final Beta is now LIVE!

Its been teased and anticipated but Rare have now announced that the final beta for Sea Of Thieves will run from Friday 9th March at 12pm GMT to Sunday 11th March at 10am GMT. It is open to ALL Xbox One and Windows 10 owners, and the aim of this beta is to get as […]

Sea Of Thieves Scale Test running AGAIN on 2nd to 4th March

With only 19 days – 19 DAYS!!! – until release Rare have announced that the Scale Test will be running again this weekend, from Friday 2nd March to Sunday 4th March. There will be no new features in this build but your progress from last weekend will be saved. For more details on the scale […]

Sea Of Thieves ‘Skeleton Fort’ Encounters detailed

One of the main criticisms aimed at Sea Of Thieves over the past few months is if there will be enough to do in the beautiful game world. As we now edge towards the March 20th release date, Rare are releasing more and more information on what the end-game will contain. First up are the […]