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Capcom’s Remember Me Gets An E-Book Prequel

Following on from the recent release of Remember Me, Capcom have teamed up with British author Scott Harrison and Orb Entertainment, to bring a brand new eBook adventure to market. Set several months before the events of the game, this eBook story takes readers on an action packed adventure with Nilin, a former elite memory […]

Remember Me – Review Round Up

Capcom and DONTNOD Entertainments newest cyberpunk IP ‘Remember Me’ has divided opinions across the web with a mixed bag of review scores, it seems the game is “marmite” where you’ll either love it or loathe it! Remember Me is now available at retail worldwide and whilst thisisxbox.com scored Remember Me 8.5/10 in our recent review, […]

Remember Me Launch Trailer

Capcom’s new game Remember Me is out now across stores in North America with European gamers having to wait until Friday. A new launch trailer has been released to market the game which remixes memories, also having scored a decent 8.5/10 in our recent review. “Remember Me deserves success, although it is not by any […]

Remember Me Review

Capcom’s brand new third-person single-player cyberpunk adventure “Remember Me” as developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, values memory as something more than just user-based mind reminiscence, it is a valuable tangible asset with one organisation by the name of Memorize who enforces control over almost all of the world’s memory data. Memories can be digitalised, traded and […]

Capcom’s Brand New Remember Me Trailer

First announced at the Gamescom event in Germany last August, I bet you’ve forgotten it already, but “Remember Me” has popped up again to be remembered with an all-new trailer. A few months ago, Capcom were giving people the opportunity to be immortalized in the game which has an intended release date for May 2013.

Remember Me Remembering You

Capcom are offering the opportunity for people worldwide to become immortalised in their upcoming game, Remember Me. Two initiatives have been launched that see gamers and designers having the chance to get far more personal with their game than ever before.