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Xbox has 88 Heroes incoming soon

88 Heroes

Dust off your capes, get those mild-mannered disguises stowed away, Rising Star Games have announced a release date for Bitmap Bureau’s 2D chaotic platformer, 88 Heroes. 88 Heroes is a furiously frantic, funny and fan-pleasing platformer. Offering fast, frenetic action played with 88 unique and original playable characters, each with their own skills and abilities. […]

Lumo promises to light the way

I know that I bang on a bit about how good games were in the days of the Amstrad CPC system, Sinclair’s Spectrum and Commodore’s C64. The games looked and played fantastically for the time. Rising Star Games are looking to revive the gameplay of the games of yesteryear, by teaming up with Triple Eh? […]

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Review

Any dedicated and truly sentimental Sega Dreamcast owner might remember some time ago; around early 2006 to be precise that “Under Defeat” a vertical scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up from developers G.Revolution was rumoured to be the final release for the short lived console. By that time the Xbox 360 was well and truly launched […]

Akai Katana Review

Japanese developers, Cave, are best known for their manic full-on arcade shoot em ups and more recently Akai Katana – newly released in European territories from publishers, Rising Star Games, it is a high quality manic title that sucks you into its addictive spell…

Rising Star Games Opens US HQ and Creates New Global Digital Label

Rising Star Games has announced today their expansion into North America with the opening of their first US headquarters. Reaching further west, the team will leverage their decades of European publishing experience and bring exciting new experiences to US consumers.