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  • Rob’s Bangers

    Rob’s Bangers

    It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Rob’s Bangers post. I could post all my excuses here like the dog ate my homework etc but I won’t bother you with all that. Anyway, Here is this week’s choices from the TiX Spotify playlist. The first choice is again a hark back to the […]

  • Rob Bangers

    Rob Bangers

    This episode of Rob’s Bangers is a little late this week due to some work issues, I won’t bother you with all that but let’s get stuck in with this week’s suggestions. I have a varied music taste and I am a firm believer that everyone should try anything twice, that goes for anything in […]

  • Time for this weeks Rob’s Bangers

    Time for this weeks Rob’s Bangers

    This week has seen a wide range of emotions for us all. We have waited in anticipation for the release of the Xbox One X, some were happy and some inevitably aren’t. Most go theirs on release day but some of us didn’t due to delivery companies and to be honest if I hadn’t had […]

  • Rob’s Bangers

    Rob’s Bangers

    Last week on Rob’s Bangers we looked at two tracks that were inspired by games that were really set in space. This week we are crashing back down to earth a little bit, the past week and the upcoming week see’s landing of the Xbox One X, Assasins Creed, Wolfenstien 2 and Call of duty WWII all […]

  • Introducing… Rob’s Bangers!!

    Introducing… Rob’s Bangers!!

    Here at TiX we are all music fans, some of us have questionable taste in music (I’m looking at Dave there!) but most all of us enjoy the pleasure of a good banger every now and then. Now that Spotify is up and running on your console whether it be Xbox or PS4, you can enjoy […]

  • A Wild Spotify Appears on Xbox One

    A Wild Spotify Appears on Xbox One

    After many years in the wilderness, Spotify has arrived on Xbox. Along with custom music on your Xbox, an integration that was sorely missing from Microsoft’s flagship console for some time, you can now stream from Spotify whilst playing your favourite games on Xbox.  Click to download! Major Nelson has covered the basics over on […]

  • Spotify is coming to Xbox One

    Spotify is coming to Xbox One

    At long last it looks like Spotify is coming to the Xbox One. Speculation began when Major Nelson was seen using the player on his Xbox. According to The Verge, sources familiar with Spotify and Microsoft’s plans have told The Verge that a Spotify app for Xbox One is coming soon, and is currently being […]

  • Guitar Hero Live: Updated Spotify list now available

    Guitar Hero Live: Updated Spotify list now available

    With the release of Guitar Hero Live in the UK this Friday, Activision have updated their Spotify playlist to include ALL the songs that are currently playable in the game. The 240 songs will be accessible right out of the box, with new music being added regularly. See below for the current tracklist in the […]