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Eden Falls – Sex, Drugs and Violence Based RPG for Xbox One?

Microsoft has filed a Trademark for Eden Falls, with the classifications that it will be an online based computer game for entertainment services. What is more interesting is that Eden Falls is the name of a game already in development by Finnish studio’s Brimstone Interactive who confirmed previously via their blog that a HD PC […]

Forza Vista Trademark Suggests New Stats Tool For Next-Gen Title

Ahead of the new-gen XBOX reveal set for tomorrow which can be viewed online at Xbox.com or via the console from 6pm BST UK Time, around 1pm in the US, a new trademark for “Forza Vista” has surfaced on the USPTO.gov website from Microsoft. It has specifically been trademarked for “a feature of interactive video […]

Glacier Blast From Microsoft

Microsoft has filed a trademark by the name of “Glacier Blast” for use within game software, so the logical explanation is that Microsoft Studio’s are either working on or soon to publish an upcoming game with the same name. Already in our minds we can perceive an image of an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, probably […]

All The Bravest – New Square Enix Project In The Pipeline

Within the past few days, Square Enix – publishers for hit games such as Hitman: Absolution and the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, has a new project in the works as they register a new Trademark and web domain. Only known for time being as “All the Bravest”, two domain names (allthebravest.com / .net) were registered […]

Take Two Trademark GTA TV and Rockstar TV

Take Two Interactive have in the past week trademarked the words GTA TV and Rockstar TV. Although neither Take Two or Rockstar Games have released any public information concerning proposed usage of the trademarks – we can only assume it is related to new features set to appear in GTA V?

EA Trademark “Trouble Makers” – Could Be Need for Speed Related

EA has filed a trademark application for the words “Trouble Makers” for use in a video game – exactly ‘what’ video game is unknown since official announcements have not yet been made from the publishing giant.