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Kinect Star Wars Mobile App Video

The Kinect Star Wars App is available to download now via the links below – check it out and tell us what you think? Download Now!

New Windows Phone 7 Games Announced at Microsoft Spring Showcase 2012

Windows Phone 7 games are quite literally the cheapest way to grab yourself 200 Achievements and provide some great ways to entertain yourself whilst you’re sitting on a bus, train or maybe even the toilet…

WP7 Reversi: Flipping Good

Tesko Gaming, creators of the Yatzy Ultimate, the number one dice game across the App Stores in several countries, have unveiled another game from the Classics Re-Invented Series, the Reversi, for the iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Bug Village – Free Xbox LIVE WP7 Game

You might have to pinch yourself with this one, as a free Xbox LIVE game has been released on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace – with no adverts! That’s right, not a touch of Law Advice anywhere in sight, but there is a bit of a catch…only a small one.

Chickens Can’t Fly is a Windows Phone Must Have Game!

At CES 2012, Microsoft announced their new promotion for Windows Phone games called Must Have Games, and Chickens Can’t Fly, from development team Amused Sloth is part of it.

New WP7 Xbox LIVE Games for 2012

Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 7.5 Games Page on Xbox.com has been updated to list new games incoming for sometime during 2012. The exciting bunch of titles includes: Bullet Asylum, geoDefense Swarm, Tamagotchi & Age of Zombies.

Smartsoft Consult Releases WP7 App for Improving Vocabulary

Smartsoft Consult, have just released Word Puzzle for the Windows Phone 7 platform and tout it as a “fun learning tool for people all ages” as a means of improving your vocabulary on your mobile phone.

Halo ATLAS Windows Phone 7 App Out Now

Take an in-depth look at ATLAS, Waypoint’s new strategy companion app for Halo: Reach Multiplayer.