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Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition Review

Not so long ago we were saying our goodbyes to the loss of Zombie Driver HD on the Xbox 360 marketplace due to the publisher’s going tits-up bust. In a past press release, developer’s EXOR Studios announced the liquidation process of Cyberfront Corporation and began to give away the game for free for many months […]

Zombie Driver HD Removed From LIVE – Dev’s Now Dishing Out Codes

Zombie Driver HD was released on the Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Arcade, October 17th 2012. It was a great little game for 800 MS Points, but due to unfortunate circumstances the game has now been removed from Xbox LIVE as part of a liquidation process with the publisher’s. However, the developers are now dishing out […]

Zombie Driver HD Heading to XBLA October 17

Zombie Driver is returning to the land of the living nearly three years since first arriving on PC. EXOR Studio’s is readying up the release on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, and to get a feel for the zombie carnage, a teaser trailer for Zombie Driver HD is showing below.