Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 review

Tales from the Borderlands has been an excellent addition to the Telltale series of games, and at the end of Episode 3 I was left excitedly wanting to get my hands on episode 4. We are nearly at the end of the Tales journey and I’d have to say it’s up there with the first season of the Walking Dead in terms of Telltale games.

The penultimate episode, titled Escape Plan Bravo sees Ryhs, Fiona and the rest of the gang attempting to infiltrate Hyperion’s headquarters in a good old fashion heist as they try to collect the parts necessary to complete the Gortys Project, getting the final pieces will allow them to gain access to the Vault of the Traveler and the treasures that it holds within, which will help everyone.

Unfortunately, apart from a couple of moments this was probably my least favourite episode of the series.

The story never really felt like it moved on at any point, with the decisions you had to make not really feeling like they had an bearing on the story. Episode 4 lasts around 90 minutes and left me asking more questions than getting answers. As I mentioned there are some brilliant moments, including one moment that will bring a tear to your eye and quite possibly change the Borderlands universe forever. The other is a brilliant exchange between Rhys and his former colleagues that really did have me laughing. It such a shame that there was more to keep me smiling.

There are some great characters in the series and the barely get a look in this episode which is a real shame as it could have given the episode a much needed boost. It’s been interesting watching the relationship between Rhys and Flynn, and how it’s changed from the beginning as well as how Rhys has come to terms with having Handsome Jack in his life. Yet again some of Jack’s one liners have been brilliant in this episode.

Episode 4 comes to a rather abrupt end, which as well as being frustrating just shows to me how Telltale struggle with certain episodes in their different series, If you look back through their games, episodes 2 and 4 always seem to end up a bit disappointing, it might just be me but that is certainly how it feels.

Here’s hoping that Telltale have some mega up their sleeves for the final episode, I think they have and I’m still really excited by it, let’s hope it isn’t wasted.

TiX purchased their own copy of the game for review.

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