Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5 review

As ever, we’ll be keeping this spoiler free, and franlky quite short….

Nearly a year after I started playing it, Tales from the Borderlands finally came to an end last week. In typical Telltale style they have wrapped up the story in a brilliant manner and managed to leave us wanting another season.

After the fairly disappointing Episode 4 I wasn’t sure how things were going to end so I was hoping that Telltale had something awesome up their sleeves. Episode 5, titled The Vault of the Traveller, gives us all the details on Handsome Jack’s plans as well as many of the other story arcs involving Fiona, Sacha and Gortis. There are moments in this episode that put a huge smile on face, as well as leaving me a little sad. Mix this up with some of the best QTEs in the series and you’ll begin to understand why I had such a great time playing the finale (power Rangers fans will be in their element!).

I only have one wish for the future, the engine behind the game gets tidied up, it’s becoming a pain having to put up with the awkward pauses in the game, especially during moments that can define the series, whether this will happen is anyone’s guess. As you would expect, the graphics are excellent as are the cast and their voiceovers. Extra kudos goes to the brilliant choices of music.

Tales from the Borderlands has been an excellent ride, I’ll admit to not being so sure how much I would enjoy it at first, but apart from the predictable way Telltale struggle with mid series episodes they have finished on a high again.

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