Tales from the Borderlands review

Tales from the Borderlands review

Over the past few years one set have games have had me completely hooked, all the Telltale titles. The Walking Dead was brilliant and The Wolf among us was such fun to play. I’ve always enjoyed games with a great narrative and I love how the story adapted to the decisions you made.

When Telltale announced they were teaming up with Gearbox Studios to create Tales from the Borderlands, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, for me it was almost a perfect combination, the art style and humour of Borderlands mixed in with the Telltale point and click design, but would it work? Let’s find out…


The first episode of Tales is called Zer0 Sum – If you have played Borderlands you’ll immediately feel like you are back playing it as it’s almost exactly the same but you are playing a point and click game. Of course there will be some of you who are unfamiliar with how the Telltale games play, so let me tell you about that.

Players are given dialogue choices during each episode with only a small amount of time to decide which route to take, all your choices change the game slightly, whether it is just a reaction from another person or a longer standing choice that could make a difference further into the game.

I really enjoyed the combat sections within the game, at certain points you’ll have to be even quicker to get through these sections to make sure you hit the right prompts at the right time. There are also some cool sections that I won’t mention that certainly intensify the action and gives you a break from the dialogue for a few minutes.


In Tales you play as two characters, Rhys and Fiona, two characters who couldn’t be any more different. Rhys works for Hyperion desperate to find himself in the upper echelons of the organisation rubbing shoulders with the big bosses. He’s been working alongside his partner in crime Vaughn, a nerdy number cruncher who is happy to help his friend. In true Borderlands fashion, things don’t work out and eventually Rhys ends up on Pandora with Vaughn with a plan to change his fortune. Fiona is a con artist who does whatever it takes to survive alongside her sister Sasha. The orphans were taken under Felix’s a wings, a master con artist who they tried to steal from while they were children. Together they have a plan that without realising will bring the four people together.

I found the rest of the story really interesting and was never quite sure where the story was heading, but it was a fun ride the whole way through. It’s great watching Fiona and Rhys and how their relationship is beginning to develop, with Sasha and Vaughn in the wings they appear to be making an awesome foursome.


The visuals and audio are excellent, the characters looks great and the script was full of borderlands humour. I loved the art style of the Borderlands series and thankfully they have kept everything in place from the original games. It wasn’t without its problems though, quite often the game would lock for 2 and 3 seconds, especially during fight scenes and quite often the first few words of a sentence were repeated like an echo, it can be quite off-putting but when you realise it’s just a problem with the game you get on with regardless.

If you are looking for something different to at you would be mad to pass this up. If you are looking for a more somber story and characters you are better off playing something like the Walking Dead. Borderlands is a bit more brash and the characters are much more lively. I’m really excited about the next four episodes and what happens to the main characters, there were some great twists in the first episode and I’m am sure there are plenty more to come.

We bought our own copy of the game to bring you this review

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