Team 17 get hot in the kitchen with Overcooked

Almost every gamer will know who Team 17 are, the legendary Worms developers have teamed up with Ghost Town Games and the result is a massively fun looking Co-Op game that sees a team of 4 work together in the kitchen to produce a meal of epic proportions. Overcooked is a 1- 4 player Co-Op that requires all the team to work together to cook orders for the public before they all storm out. Set in the Onion Kingdom your team make their way across a wide range of cruel and unusual settings in order to complete your task, these include cooking on the back of a speeding lorry, a pirate ship and even in hell itself, I don’t think Gordon Ramsay makes an appearance in that one though.

From watching the videos I can see that the game is set to be very hectic and working together is the most important factor. The game does offer a single player option but it appears the multiplayer is where the fun is at.  Whilst Ghost Town Games are only a  2 person team it seems that the collaboration with Team 17 has produced an addictive, exciting game that will have players laughing together and shouting at each other.

From watching the team play here it’s obvious this game is going to be fun

Overcooked features:

·         28 standard campaign levels plus an additional introductory level and final boss to conquer!

·         Local co-op play for 1 to 4 players across all campaign levels!

·         9 versus levels to go head to head locally with either 2 or 4 players

·         A range of different and unusual kitchens to play across with different recipes to master, cook soup, burritos, burgers and fish and chips

·         14 different chefs to play as!

·         11 achievements to cook up

Overcooked will be available to download on the 3 rd August for Xbox One via the Xbox Games Store,

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