The Bridge review

As a child I loved to gaze upon the wondrous designs of M.C. Escher and imagine what it would be like to navigate the impossible worlds – how could you get from the top to the bottom, and what would happen if you entered that door? The time for wondering is over; The Bridge lets you navigate through Escher-esque worlds with increasing difficult puzzles to solve.


Some games are an absolute joy to play and The Bridge is one of these games. Each level is hand drawn, and the black and white stills could easily be passed off as an Escher original. I really liked this artistic direction, which perfectly emulates the style of the artist they are based on, and being a fan of his work, playing within the wonderfully impossible illustrations was an absolute joy.

Your goal is to navigate the mind twisting architecture to progress through each puzzle. I’m sure there’s a deep and meaningful point as to why you are in this topsy-turvy world, but it completely passed me by and I didn’t mind in the slightest. The puzzles are so good that they don’t need a storyline to hang from.


To move throughout each world you must rotate it around a central axis point allowing you to navigate through the impossible curves of the Escher landscapes, but don’t try and unravel them, it will only make your head hurt. Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity holds everything together and in later levels you can even manipulate its directional pull by entering a shower-curtained area called the Veil – it makes for some devious puzzles that will challenge even the most hardened puzzler.

Starting out simple, even when obstacles are thrown in, the puzzles are a breeze to solve but halfway through The Bridge thrusts you into a mirrored reality and this is where the real challenge begins! This reality is not only flipped, but also contains more obstacles to avoid – thankfully there’s a handy rewind feature, which you will certainly need! The standard world demands you make sense of the twisting landscapes, but to best the mirrored world you must focus on gravity and momentum.


Once you have mastered both worlds, and believe me, it will take some patience, skill and thinking outside the box especially to get through the mirrored worlds – there are numerous achievements to collect, mainly focused on skill at completing levels. There are also several wisps to collect, which are really well hidden and if you refrain from any walkthroughs, then you will be scratching your head for a good while, but even after completing both worlds I was left wanting more from The Bridge.

Those that like a rounded achievement scores may be a tad frustrated at The Bridge – I’m looking at you Dave – the achievement scores are odd numbers, with the first unlocking for 47 GS.

Devious, beautiful and creative, The Bridge is an absolute joy to play. It lures you into a false sense of achievement when you conquer the early levels and then hits you with the hard stuff. If you can best these mirrored levels, then you can truly feel like you are the clever one!

Thanks to Xbox and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild for their support

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