The Crew, The Police and a bunch of Diamond Parts

A couple of weeks ago we announced a new expansion was coming the The Crew. Titled Calling All Units, the expansion would add law enforcement into the game and allow you to either run as part of your 510’s evading the cops or be the cops trying to shut down the illegal street racers. Well more information has now come to light on what the next expansion will include and just how you can get hold of it.

The Crew Calling All Units Lvl 60

Currently the game caps out at 50 and to be honest it won’t take long to reach that, but with the introduction of Calling All Units this has now been increased to 60. However it won’t just be the expansion players that can reach this new level, players of The Crew, The Crew Wild Run, and The Crew Calling All Units will have access to the new lvl 60 cap from the go.  Experience will be gained in the usual ways:

  • Missions
  • Skill Challenges
  • PvP
  • Exploration

But now with the addition of Police Chases thrown into the mix to add a little spice, mayhem and adventure there is even more ways to level up. The slight change comes when you hit level 51, as this is where you can start picking up Diamond Parts. Diamond parts will confer more than one bonus stat at the time, scaling from two bonuses at lvl 51 to all 4 (Acceleration, Top speed, Grip, Braking) bonuses at the same time at lvl 60. Therefore collecting and fitting these to your cars is essential if you want to achieve top performance.

The Crew Diamond Part

Finally there is smart loot, which has undergone some minor changes as described below;

  • Smart Loot will now be won at all levels.
  • As such, all Skill Challenges in the game can now be played by absolutely anyone – no matter their level. For example, a level 10 player can access any skill on the West Coast!
  • Players will only win parts that they can equip.
  • The drop will also vary according to the type of activity. The longer and more challenging the activity, the better the reward!

So that’s a brief summary of what to expect but the question is how do you get hold of it?

Players who don’t own The Crew will have the opportunity to grab the whole experience in one go, with The Crew Ultimate Edition. This includes The Crew, The Crew Wild Run and The Crew Calling All Units expansions, as well as all 19 cars from the Season Pass. You will be able to get it at your local store or online at the price of £39.99.

However, if you’re part of the 9 million players who already own The Crew, you can pick up The Crew Calling All Units expansion, available on all digital stores for the price of £19.99. This will come with The Crew Wild Run for free.

Finally for players that own the The Crew Wild Run already, when they pick up their copy of The Crew Calling All Units, you will automatically get the Nissan GT-R 2016 for free, which is a Calling All Units exclusive vehicle. This is available to anyone who has bought and played The Crew Wild Run before the release of The Crew Calling All Units expansion.

The Crew Calling All Units expansion is set for release on November 29th On PC and Xbox One. For further information about The Crew game check out the Official Website and at the same time why don’t you check out the announcement trailer below?

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