The Escapists make their getaway on February 13


One-man band Mouldy Toof Studios’ Chris Davis has joined development forces with Team17 to release The Escapists for Xbox One and PC on February 13.

There are six different ways to escape from each of the six prisons; six is the magic number! The prisons vary from minimal security to the harsh confines of a POW camp. The sandbox environment of each prison offers the opportunity to work in ten different day jobs that will reward you with valuable supplies that you will need to plan your escape. There’s over 200 items to find, which can be used to craft over 50 different items.

Avoiding guards, attending roll calls and adhering to each prison’s schedule are key if you want to get away scot-free, the only question is how long will it take you to escape and how will you do it?

Queue The Great Escape theme tune and prepare for prison life.


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