The Splatters on XBLA Could Be Heading To Mobiles?

The Splatters on XBLA Could Be Heading To Mobiles?


I absolutely loved The Splatters when it was released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade last year, and to be fair it’s had more promotions on the marketplace than most other titles with a Half Price drop and then another deal over the holiday period recently. So there’s really no excuse for not owning this title.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat, SpikySnail Games founder and developer of The Splatters, Niv Fisher – has not ruled out the possibly of bringing this fast-paced-hard-as-hell-but-fun title to mobile platforms:

GamesBeat: Can we expect The Splatters to come to mobile platforms? Why or why not?

Fisher: “I can’t give a definitive answer here, but the strong indication is yes. This is something that everyone I’ve been showing the game to from early prototypes to the end product had to say: “Why don’t you put it on mobile?” I can totally understand where those questions are coming from, but if you ask anyone that had spent enough time with the game and figured out its scoring and combo system, [they] will tell you this is a game of skill and quick wits. There’s nothing truly casual about it if you play it right. I remember one commenter actually saying, “It’s hardcore as f***.”

We honestly didn’t think it’s hardcore, nor did we want it to be, but it’s not a casual game, either. And if you think it’s casual and try to play it as a casual game, you’re more likely to be disappointed. If we ever go to mobile, we certainly would want to adapt it to that audience and play style. One of the game’s strongest points lies in its physics, and if we could get that system to play with the touch screen in a truly tactile manner, that would be something very special indeed.”

For those who have played The Splatters, it would just be immense to get to grips with this on the go and possibly play the game in a whole new way with touchscreen controls! If you haven’t yet played The Splatters on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, why not read our review HERE and then go and download the trial.

If you want to read the interview in full on GamesBeat you can do so via the link below: