Time to get your Poker face on

Grab your chips and get your game faces on as Prominence Poker is now available to play on the Xbox One. Developed by the makers of WSOP:Full House Pro, Prominence Poker takes you into the unsuspecting and seedy locations of the crooked gambling utopia of Prominence. Play your way through four factions to reach the final showdown with “The Mayor”– the mysterious town founder.

Key Features of the game are;

  • Single Player “Story Mode” – Enter the town of Prominence as just another tourist looking to strike it rich, start off grinding away in the Decker Casino.
  • Cunning Faction Leaders – Face-off against unscrupulous and colorful characters, build the reputation and bankroll needed to challenge each boss.
  • Outplay Opponents – Wage big bets in high stakes poker against other crafty gamblers in ring, tournament and heads-up multiplayer modes.
  • Underground Gambling – Earn your way to backroom games, from the Renegade Biker Bar to the sketchy laundromat.
  • Play against AI Thugs and Bosses to earn reputation with Prominence’s colorful affiliations.
  • Bluff Your Enemies – Read the strength of your opponent hand’s with subtle gestures including speed of play, frequency of card checks and more.
  • Build Your Rep – Hone your poker skills with each hand played and unlock emotes, special items, prestige and more!
  • 3D Character Creator – Customize your avatar from head-to-toe with facial, hair, body and clothing combinations to create your poker alter ego with infinite character variations.

Not only does Prominence Poker offer a single player but it also offers a deep multiplayer experience with regularly scheduled events, daily challenges, tournaments and ranked modes. What’s more the game’s free to download, so what are you waiting for start downloading your copy here.

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For more information on Prominence Poker check out the Official Website.

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