Time for this weeks Rob’s Bangers

This week has seen a wide range of emotions for us all. We have waited in anticipation for the release of the Xbox One X, some were happy and some inevitably aren’t. Most go theirs on release day but some of us didn’t due to delivery companies and to be honest if I hadn’t had bought mine from Amazon it still wouldn’t have arrived. Anyway, thats another story, so this week on Rob’s Bangers we’re going for something a little different.

Remember Dubstep? You know, that genre that was born in Croydon and had some really talented people creating atmospheric dubplates with dark bass and moody melodies? You know, that 140bpm music that had you nodding your head a bit? You know, that music that got into the hands of Skrillex and made everybody ruin a genre just by releasing absolute cack! Sorry for the rant but anyway, The first tune is brought to us by Funtcase, this was before Skrillex and post-Croydon so somewhere in between. Funtcase is part of Circus records and they have released some brilliant stuff over the years and the label hosts people like Doctor P, Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavillion. Funtcase’s track “So Vexed” describes a lot of peoples mood this week so enjoy.

The second tune is in Spite, possibly the most aggressive metal out there. An absolute brilliant band that will have you trashing the place in no time. Their track “IED” just about sums our very own Dave Morans mood when Amazin messed up his X order, so this tune is dedicated to him.

Until next week, bye!

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