Titanfall 2 is getting its own horde mode

You read that right, Titanfall 2 is getting its own Horde mode.

Titled ‘Operation Frontier Shield’ the new four player co-op mode will see you team up to take on wave after wave of enemies.

Introducing an all-new way to play Titanfall 2: Frontier Defense, the PvE horde mode introduced in Operation Frontier Shield! Built for 4 player co-op, you and your team are tasked with protecting the Harvester through multiple waves of coordinated enemies all hellbent on taking it down. Build your team, optimize your Titans and adapt your strategies to survive the mayhem with all new weapons, gear, and progression.

There will also be new Frontier Titans Warpaints, which also grant an XP boost. Elite Weapon Warpaints are also coming, which will give bonuses to weapons.

Rise, a map from the original title is getting upgraded and brought to Titanfall 2 also.

We are very excited about this and super pleased to see how well the game has been supported by Respawn, for free as well!

The new mode will be available on July 25.

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