Titanfall birthday DLC bonanza


Who loves a freebie? (waits for the obligatory hands up and cries of “Me!”).

Who loves a bit of Titanfall? (See above for obligatory waiting.)

Well, without any prompting from Microsoft or EA, it would appear that all 3 of Titanfall’s DLC packs, Expedition, Frontier’s Edge and IMC Rising are now free, gratis, costless, on Xbox Live for both the 360 and Xbox One version.

There is speculation that this might be because the game is part of Games with Gold next month, or it might be because it’s Titanfall’s first birthday today.

To be frank, who cares, free stuff, fill your big metal boots if you’ve got the game and didn’t get round to buying either the Season Pass, as that’s free too, or any of the DLC packs.

Actually, pick up the Pass anyway, even if you don’t own the game yet, that way, these will still be free for when you do.

What are you waiting for? Mount up, pilot.


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