Titanfall Update #8 Announced, Contains 4 Player Co-Op Horde Mode & More!

Titanfall Update #8 Announced, Contains 4 Player Co-Op Horde Mode & More!


Respawn Entertainment aren’t done with Titanfall just yet and have just dropped some great news about it’s first major multiplayer game.

Titanfall will be receiving another update (#8) and it’s one of the biggest ones to hit the game to date, containing several new game modes, new enemies and it’ll be available to download tomorrow, 23rd October 2014.

The most notable feature of this update is a game mode called ‘Frontier Defense‘ which is a horde-like mode where a four player co-op team try to defend a certain place on the map from a range of different enemies. This mode brings with it several new Ai types such as mortar and sniper teams, as well as changing the general behavior of the enemies, hopefully making it a challenging and enjoyable experience for all. Frontier Defense will be playable on all 24 multiplayer maps.

If that doesn’t make you crave Titanfall again, several other new modes will be included in this update such as Marked for Death Pro which challenges players to eliminate a single VIP on the other team while Deadly Ground forces players to battle across rooftops as the entire ground is covered in a lethal electric cloud (think: floor is lava).

Oh, and the achievement hunters of the Xbox One will be pleased to hear that 17 new achievements will also be making an appearance with this update, revolving around these new modes, increasing the overall amount available from Titanfall to 2,000 points.

The full patch notes and details for Titanfall Update 8 are available on the official site, there is tonnes there!