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There is no denying the impact Titanfall has had on all things Xbox One. Microsoft used the game’s release to unofficially relaunch the Xbox One brand. Accessories, system updates and the full version of Twitch all came together for the launch of Titanfall which along with the UK exclusive price drop for the Xbox One bundle boosted sales of the Xbox One massively. Reviews were high and player feedback generated a natural hype that only served to drive the wave that was Titanfall at full speed…

But for Xbox 360 gamers waiting to join in the fun, it was suddenly announced it was to be delayed by two weeks . Then once it launched on Xbox One, it was delayed yet again, for another two weeks. The reason was, as EA put it “just needs a little more time to get it right”. Respawn was not working on the Xbox 360 version, it was instead giving to Bluepoint Games to take care of the development. Known for successfully doing HD Remakes, there was much doubt with this version due to the delay. I have played Titanfall on Xbox One and on PC from the previous Preview events I have attended up to the Titanfall release so I was most interested and at the same time worried for the 360 version. No gameplay footage was shown before release, little to no push was given to it by either Respawn, EA or even Xbox so the doubt was justified. Finally released for Xbox 360, it was time to see if the wait was worth it.


The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall is essentially exactly the same game as the Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Naturally it lacks the New Gen shine and polish visually than the top end versions, but there is nothing different in the game itself and most importantly it’s gameplay. Firing up the game for the first time and for the 360 there is no install option. The game must be run off the disc but it will require 1GB of space so it can install a HD optimization pack to enhance the visuals. This means there is no ‘Games On Demand’ digital version of the game, unlike the Xbox One which has both disc and digital download versions.

The best way to describe the difference between Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall, is that the Xbox One is Titanfall in the Summer, bright and full of light. On 360 it is more Titanfall played in Autumn, not as colourful and feels a little darker. Bluepoint Games have done an exceptional job of keeping everything that makes Titanfall one of the best FPS experiences I have had in many a year. The speed of gameplay is as fast as on Xbox One. The maps are the same size, same layout for each game type and with the 360 version also making use of the dedicated servers of Microsoft and same matchmaking systems, its as lag free an experience as you can hope for. You will be auto connected to the nearest Data Centre with the lowest Connection Ping, two centres for Europe with North and West clusters. But you can also join the US servers which I was able to do with no issue of Lag. You can pick a data centre from the game’s main menu so when you start you will continue to play in that centre until you pick another if you wish to do so.

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The campaign is also unchanged. It uses two game types, Attrition and Hardpoint Domination to tell the story of the IMC Vs the Militia. The story is told by way of audio conversations letting you know what is happening, why you are doing this mission and how it is going. It will be made up of other players running the campaign. First time through you play as the IMC, once completed you then switch sides to play as the Militia. Completing the IMC side unlocks the Stryder Class and completing both campaign sides will unlock the Ogre Class Titan for you to use in your custom Titan Loadouts. Now some have dismissed the campaign side but for me I really enjoyed the story process and it was refreshing to have it done in a way that win or lose you progress, in a real conflict sometimes you do not have to win every battle to win the war and the story unfolds nicely that its a great feature of the game.

Burn cards, game play modes, the speed and fluidity of the gameplay, the same buzz you get when you are in a Titan have all been transferred across with out a blemish to the 360 version. It really is no different to what you will experience on the Xbox One and visually it is still a great looking game unlike the 360 version of Battlefield 4 compared to the Xbox One version. Bluepoint Games have done a remarkable job of bringing the very essence of Titanfall to the 360 and my hat goes off to them.


So, is there a downside to this version? Yes but only in the fact that retailers have kept the price of the 360 version higher than that of the Xbox One version being sold right now. For that reason, and that reason alone I have to say wait for a price drop at least before picking up. Paying more for a 360 version then an Xbox One version of the same game is a nonsense for me. Being an online only experience doesnt take away just how much gameplay and fun you will have on 360 with Titanfall. But the 360 is a lesser version because of the lack of console features more than the game itself. With no “Xbox Record this” ability for Xbox Upload or streaming via console with Twitch, having the same price level as Xbox One is absurd, £30 is a much fairer price but with no difference at all other than those features and a visual shine upgrade, this will sell on 360 like hot cakes and rightly so because it really is the same great game.

If you have been waiting to hear how the 360 version of Titanfall is like before buying it, have no fear. It is as amazing on 360 as Xbox One. I simply can’t fault anything about the game or the experience with it and it felt no different from the first time I played it at Eurogamer Expo last September or at any of the preview events leading up to its Xbox One release. The delay could be seen by many as a way to push sales for the Xbox One, but if it was indeed delayed to get it right it was worth that delay. It is as solid a game as it could be and Bluepoint Games have excelled in their job. If you like fast FPS games which give you a great experience just for playing regardless if you top the leaderboards or not, then Titanfall is for you.

You can still believe the Hype!

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