TiX E3 awards

We’ve had quite a busy couple of weeks at TiX towers, E3 is always a busy time of year but now the dust has settled and we have had time to reflect, we thought it was time to dish out some awards to the games, trailers and stand-out moments from last week. The TiX team got together and here are our results…


Fallout 4

Not a huge surprise really, we really can’t wait for November!


Gears of War 4

We all knew something Gears related was coming but we were not expecting this! We have a while to wait for its release, but we are really looking forward to seeing what The Coalition come up with.


Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One

It was predicted on the TiX Podcast, but it didn’t stop us squealing with delight when Phil Spencer announced the news. *Runs off to play Mass Effect again*


Halo 5

We’re huge Halo fans at TiX so it’s no surprise that Halo 5 featured in our list, the gameplay demo looked awesome and we’re all intrigued by Warzone.


Fallout 4

Well d’uh, we’re still excited!



Despite the EA conference doing its absolute best to put us to sleep, Unravel came along to charm us for 10 minutes. It grabbed everyone’s attention including ours and I’m sure there will be a fight as to who gets to review it!


Forza 6

The Forza series has a long way to go to win back its racing crown but from what we saw this year it’s heading in the right direction.



FIFA continues to improve year-on-year, with the introduction of the women’s game as well as a host of gameplay and graphical improvements, FIFA 16 is bound to impress football fans around the globe.


Just Dance

Just Dance has taken the world by storm and now you won’t even need Kinect, just a smartphone! The year’s biggest tracks will be there as well some of the best dance moves around!


Tomb Raider

Yet again, Tomb Raider has got our hearts racing. The game is looking stunning and if it plays as well as the last game we are surely in for a treat.


Ghost Recon Wildlands

This trailer had us all guessing, “new Far Cry!” we thought at first, and as it went on it was clear none of the team had a clue until the title rolled… it was perfect, and well deserving of our final award.

We had an amazing E3, we hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed producing it, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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