Tomb Raider is the UK Biggest Launch of 2013


I’m sure Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics have already celebrated an almighty launch for Tomb Raider when it was released on March 5th this year, but now the news has hit that Tomb Raider is the UK’s biggest launch of 2013 to date. Surely something new to celebrate – right?

The UK charts show that Tomb Raider has taken the all-format top spot with the game selling more copies that the first Xbox 360 Tomb Raider: Legends in 2006 and in first week sales outselling Aliens Colonial Marines by more than two to one, as monitored by Chart Track.

We rated Tomb Raider 10/10 in our recent review and stated:

…it’s been a long time since a game has come along where you feel the characters sense of endearment and desperate search for hope. The new Lara Croft will take you into the unknown, pull at your heart strings and then rely on you to escape from a long-lost mythical island where history combined with gruesome acts of cruelty try their best to imprison you. Lara is a young woman who has to rely on stealth and instinct to advance through the environments; so in the new rebooted Tomb Raider, it’s less about puzzle solving and very much about survival in a tomb raiding experience I can guarantee that you have never experienced!

Tomb Raider will receive its first DLC map pack “Caves and Cliffs” on March 19th 2012 for 400 MS Points.

Source: CVG

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