Toy Soldiers: War Chest – Hall of Fame Edition release dated


When you were a child, did you have those plastic army men? You know the ones, where they’re in all sorts of poses, with a massive plastic slab across their feet? If you did, you’ll love what Ubisoft have announced. Even better, they’ve dated the release too.

In Toy Soldiers: War Chest – Hall of Fame Edition, you can play as one of eight toy armies, with four standard armies and four from a childhood near you. There’s bound to be something to everybody’s taste. Already announced are Masters of the Universe and G. I. Joe, along with the Standard Edition’s Kaiser, Phantom, Starbright and Dark Lord armies.

This video sneaks us a look at the other two licensed armies, Assassin’s Creed and Cobra. Play as Ezio and the brotherhood or Cobra Commander and his fanatical army to protect your toybox.

The title is a take on the classic tower defence game and it’s your task to protect your toybox base from waves of increasingly devious and powerful plastic and meltable foes. It’ll take all of your strategic prowess to place your resources in the best postion possible for victory.

I wonder if they stock a massive magnifying glass?

Toy Soldiers: War Chest – Standard Edition and Hall of Fame Edition are now announced for release on Xbox One, on the 11th of August.

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