Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame edition review

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is the third Toy Soldiers game, after fighting in the Second World War and then the Cold War the third title allows you to fight as G.I. Joe and other toys from your War Chest.

If you haven’t played any of the Toy Soldiers game then let me explain it to you; the game is a blend of Tower Defence mixed with RTS gameplay and a bit of third person shooter action! You start with an empty battlefield with the ability to build your first two turrets before the first wave begins. When the first wave begins you’ll earn cash for each enemy you kill, from there you can build more turrets and upgrade them. Your objective is to stop the waves of enemies from entering your Toy Box and destroying it. At the end of the round you are awarded a score and given XP and tokens that can be used to purchase boxes of upgrades and equipment to use with your army.


There are different types of turrets available from anti-infantry to anti-aircraft, you can then upgrade them to use more powerful ammo, or better protection with sand bags and eventually stone walls. Every kill you get not only gives you cash but builds up an action meter in the bottom left corner, as you get higher combination kills, the quicker your bar goes up. There are three stages of super powers you can unleash, with the third being the most powerful. Taking control of your hero unit is really cool, as they enter the battlefield they fall from the sky in their packaging before ripping out and allowing you to lay waste to your enemies. The Hero unit is only available for a short amount of time but can be boosted by batteries that are dotted around the field. It’s great fun throwing grenades around wiping out waves while your turrets automatically take on other enemies, although the AI is pretty useless at stopping enemies from breaking through to your Toy Box.

You are better off taking control of the different turrets yourself as you can zoom in for better accuracy. It’s a juggling act managing the different turrets to make sure you get the better of the enemies. It can get repetitive after a while especially as you’ll spend most of your time holding down the right trigger to fire.

The standard game comes with four heroes, a World War-themed Kaiser, Phantom who has come from a Sci-fi universe. Later on in the game you will unlock Starbright, who looks like she is riding a My Little Pony into battle and the Dark Lord who appears to have escaped from the iOS game Infinity Blade.


There are extra bundles that unlock some awesome heroes including G.I. Joe, He-Man, Cobra Commander and… Ezio! That’s right, Assassins Creed’s main man joins the Toy Soldiers crew. Each hero has a great authenticity about them. He-Man looks brilliant as he destroys enemies with his sword, backed up by Battle-Cat and his awesome lightning storm. The are plenty of micro transactions to unlock more boxes of goodies for your different heroes, but if you don’t decide to purchase them it won’t affect how you proceed through the game.

Each hero has its own themed army, with uniforms and turrets suiting each style, as well as weapons and upgrades to suit but ultimately under that they are all the same in terms of performance. It will end up coming down to preference as to which hero you choose.

The different Heroes can be used in the campaign mode which is composed of twelve missions and they are actually quite entertaining and very challenging in the later stages. There is a Weekly War mode that gives you different challenges through the week and rewards you with new boxes to open.


Toy Soldiers also allows you to take the game online via two player co-op or four player online. It’s great being able to co-op through the campaign and weekly war, the challenges are quite difficult so I certainly needed all the help I could get! Going up against each other is great too and works perfectly.

Graphically Toy Soldiers is nothing special, but the art style generally is pretty cool, the cartoon drawings that make up the cut scenes and menus suits the game. The sound is also well designed, it’s backed up by a good soundtrack and the sounds of the battlefield add to the atmosphere as you fight off the waves of enemies trying to take you down.

I’ve really enjoyed my first foray into the Toy Soldiers world, I’m not sure the game does enough that would make me want to pay extra for the likes of He-Man and G.I. Joe if I had got the base version of the game, but if you do purchase them you’ll have a great time playing with them. Thankfully the micro transactions aren’t intrusive and won’t stop you from playing the game the way you want. Toy Soldiers is fun, challenging and if you love your strategy games then this should be on your download list.

Thanks to Xbox and Ubisoft for their support

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