TT Games announce 2 new LEGO titles

TT Games announce 2 new LEGO titles


Let’s face some facts, we’ve all found one of TT Games’ LEGO titles that we love, right?

There’s a whole host of them and TT Games have today announced that there’ll be at least 2 more this year.

First up, LEGO Jurassic World, ready to coincide with the release of the new Jurassic World movie, is rapidly approaching it’s release date. Whilst not featuring the new film’s plotline it will contain story and characters from Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World. No further details were released apart from the fact that it is due to hit the shelves for Xbox One and Xbox 360 this June, and seeing as the film should be on general release in the UK on the 12th of June, we can safely assume it’ll be on or around that date.

The second title announced is LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, which is currently in development, again for both the One and 360. This will feature characters from both The Avengers film and Avengers: Age of Ultron and should be available later on in 2015.

TT Games’ managing director, Tom Stone is understandably excited;

This year will be the biggest yet for LEGO videogames with these incredible titles and several firsts for the series. TT Games are crafting humerous LEGO adventures, based on new stories and characters across some of the most well-known and iconic worlds.


I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m certainly excited. LEGO dinosaurs? Get me involved.

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