Turtle Beach Elite 800x review

Turtle Beach continually strive to make the best headsets around, they already have a hugely successful range of Xbox One headsets and with the arrival of the Elite 800x they were hoping to finish off any competition… unfortunately, the 800x fell at the final hurdle.


The standard Turtle Beach packaging is great quality as usual, the plush white box makes a satisfying whoosh as you open it for the first time revealing the headset. Under the main packaging you’ll find everything you need to get started.

With the headset you’ll get the magnetic charging stand, digital optical cable and USB cables for updating the firmware on the stand and headset.

Setting up

As ever, getting the Headset ready is rather simple, plug the digital optical cable in to the Xbox and the charging stand, then plug the USB into the console and to the back of the stand to power it up. After checking the audio settings on the console are correct, you can turn the headset on. There might be a chance that you’ll need to pair the headset with the stand, but in my case I didn’t need to do that.

Charging Stand

I’ve had various ways of storing my headsets over the years, and most of the time they just end up hiding away in my drawer of gaming stuff, not anymore. The stand for the Elite 800x not only acts as somewhere to rest your set, but it also charges the built-in battery at the same time. The picture below demonstrates just how nice it looks. The stand is magnetic so the headset sticks in place with minimal fuss.


The Headset

On first inspection the Elite 800x is a sleek sturdy looking headset, with just enough Xbox Green to compliment the standard Turtle Beach black. It doesn’t feel too heavy, the cushioned ear cups sit perfectly on my head. Some people have complained that the fit is too snug, but for me it’s a really comfortable fit. The cups have a great amount of cushioning meaning I can wear the headset for hours without really noticing. They are quite big, so although you can wear them out and about, there are smaller headphones you could use, one person at work described me as looking like a Cyberman from Doctor Who!

The headset is packed full of features; as well as being completely wireless, they have noise cancellation and it’s an awesome feeling when you activate it, background noise is sucked away.

Built in Bluetooth allows you to play music from your smart devices and you’re also able to mix in your own music while playing games, if that’s something you prefer.

Everything is controlled by buttons on each side of the ear cups, accompanied by a voice confirming your selection. The buttons are really sensitive, if you put the headset in your bag you can easily turn it on without realising as well activate Bluetooth and all sorts, so you’ll need to be extra careful.

I been through plenty of headsets and I can comfortably say that this is the best sounding headset that I’ve used, most of my review has been spent playing Batman Arkham Knight, which we all know is full of atmosphere, and the 800x improves the experience even further. Combined with the noise cancellation you can fully immerse yourself in whichever world you are playing in. Three are a host of sound presets to switch through depending on the game you are playing, which works really well.


The downside

Unfortunately there is a huge downside to the set, the microphone and mic monitoring just doesn’t work properly. Every time I went into a party on Xbox Live people would tell me they thought I was using Kinect to talk with, I sounded like I was in a tunnel, or completely muffled.

There are three sound settings to determine how loud the room is to allow the monitoring to adjust, but it made minimal difference. The problem could easily be solved by adding a boom mic to the product, despite firmware updates to try to improve things, it wasn’t enough to improve the chat quality, making it incredibly difficult to justify the 800x price tag (currently £250).

If you are purely a gamer who doesn’t play multiplayer games this headset is brilliant, the sound quality is out of this world and being able to make use of Bluetooth is excellent, but if you play online with friends at any point your are better off checking out the Stealth 500x – you’ll miss not having the super charging stand but you’ll be able to chat with friends clearly.

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