Ubisoft Dates XBLA Mad Riders for May 30

Ubisoft has announced today that their upcoming adrenaline-fueled, off-road arcade racing game, Mad Riders, has been dated for May 30th on the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Mad Riders, developed by Techland, will see players performing amazing aerial stunts and racing on over 45 stunning tracks from all over the world, at breathtaking speeds. To gain the edge on the competition, players will need to use their boost skill wisely and take advantage of shortcuts hidden in the tracks.
For players who want to take the experience online, Mad Riders has extensive competitive features and leaderboards, allowing players to test their skills against the rest of the world. Thanks to an intuitive drop-in system, players can compete in three exciting multiplayer modes playable up to 12 players.

Mad Riders will be available on Xbox 360 ,PSN and PC.

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