Ubisoft release The Division: Collapse browser-based game

Ubisoft release The Division: Collapse browser-based game

If the two week wait for the release of Ubisoft and Massive’s new open-world RPG shooter is too long for you, Ubisoft has released a cool little browser-based mini game.

Collapse asks you to input your postcode and from there will simulate the collapse of humanity, with the spread of a deadly smallpox virus. You go through the simulation, responding to prompts such as where would you go if you had a fever, which local shop would you visit to pick up supplies, and so on. Each decision you make changes how the infection spreads, and how long humanity survives.


Using local landmarks, such as hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacy’s, etc, Collapse really makes you think about what you would do in a situation like The Division.

How long will you survive? Check out the Collapse website.

Ubisoft also released the Cash Contagion browser-based mini game, which would “scan” your currency to see what substances could be sitting on your fiver.