Unfortunately Sniper Elite 3 Is A World War II Game

sniper elite 3 logo

With the impending launch of next generation consoles, if you thought you’d never see the back of World War II which has been utterly rinsed dry of gameplay in the current gen period over the last seven and a half years – 505Games and Rebellion have dropped the bombshell today.

Recently we reported that Sniper Elite 3 was in the works for both current and next-gen consoles, but its story was not yet evident. In a press release it was confirmed that Sniper Elite 3 will continue the story of elite OSS sniper Karl Fairburne during World War II. Sniper Elite V2 was the surprise hit of last year, introducing millions of gamers to its mix of tense atmosphere and intense action. ThisisXbox rated the game a generous 7.5/10 because it was barely above average, however in the development for Sniper Elite 3, the team is currently focusing on creating all-new environments, a more refined gameplay experience and a brand new storyline.

Sniper Elite 3 will be released on PC, next-gen and current-gen consoles sometime during 2014.

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