Video Game Style Casino Games: A Good Or Bad Idea?

The casino industry, both land based and online, is one that rarely ever stands still. It’s constantly moving with the times thanks to the advances made on the technology front. Not only that but companies are always looking for new ways to engage their respective audiences, providing them with games that could be more fun and immersive to play. Most recently there has been a step towards incorporating more casino games based on video games, adding a skill aspect at the same time. So is this another step in the right direction for the multi trillion pound industry?

For many people, the step towards a video game theme brings with it the skill based element that is seen as the future growth area of casino gaming. This is in an attempt to attract millennials to play slot games who just don’t seem to be interested in playing the more traditional games on offer. Millennials and people from the newer generation of gambling have been brought up with video games being a big part of their lives. There is a solid argument that there is a mutual relationship between console and casino gaming because the games that they play require skill and there’s a competitive edge and this is replicated in these new types of casino games.

The addition of video game styled slots won’t take anything away from the industry as it stands, it can only add to it. This is because it is likely to appeal to a whole new raft of gamblers, both young and old. Video games are well known for being extremely immersive, with people have to game for hours on end. If the games are developed off of the back of games that already have been a hit, it’s a sure fire way to pretty much guarantee success in pleasing customers.

We’ve so far seen the likes of Tomb Raider and Call of Duty make it as slot games and these sorts of game always go down well with players due to them being globally recognised franchises. The next step would to incorporate these sorts of styles into casino games that look and play more like video games, with that skill based edge that is in huge demand right now.

When it comes to the more traditional slot games, they can become repetitive very quickly due to the fact they are purely down to luck. The player selects their stake and spins the reels hoping to win big money. With video game themed casino games, they would just play a lot better. The games would keep the player engaged for longer, providing them with a better gaming experience on the whole.

The real positive about casino games that have the video game theme is that they will attract a whole new audience to the gambling world. These sorts of games will inevitably suit millennials down to the ground and thus, we have already seen these games being introduced to many casinos. In an industry where younger people have sometimes become bored very quickly, they’re likely to hang around a lot longer now.

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