War Thunder’s Land, Sea and Air battlegrounds hit Xbox One

War Thunder, which will enter a free-to-play format later this year, is now available for Xbox One. The cross-platform war ground between land, sea and air comes in three purchasable packs, which start at £15.99/19,99€, each with their own unique vehicle, decals and player titles.

With over 1,000 military vehicles to choose from, the MMO takes place across 80 maps that have been created from real-life battle scenarios across our history. Playable in both PvP or PvE, War Thunder will appeal to those after an intense battle against other players online or for those wanting to partake in historical campaigns.

With land and air squared away, War Thunder Naval Battles is the last piece of the puzzle for Gaijin Entertainment, with Xbox One players able to get access right away, while PlayStation 4 and PC players need to be owners of a Naval Pack for access to the closed beta.

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