Warhammer’s Vermintide creeps on to Xbox One

Warhammer’s Vermintide creeps on to Xbox One


There’s a new first person adventure game coming to Xbox One and it’s set in the Warhammer universe. The game is split both shooter and melee brawler, Swedish indie developer Fatshark are the brains behind the Skaven with a release date of the ‘second half of 2015’ penned in.

Combining gritty combat with cooperative multiplayer action, Vermintide will provide the player with a completely new perspective of the Warhammer Fantasy universe, through the eyes of the heroes they play,

said Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark.

Staying true to the fantasy lore, with familiar foes and locations, we look forward to winning the hearts of enthusiasts and newcomers with this new take on the Warhammer story

Set in the city of Ubersreik, you will be able to choose from five heroes and work cooperatively to repel an invasion from the Skaven. Naturally each hero has their own unique style, abilities, gear and personality. The Skaven on the otherhand are cruel rat-creatures who favour the forces of Chaos – their clans are large in number but remain disjointed, should they unify and rise up from their underground lairs they would easily overwhelm all who oppose them.