Which Kinect Games Will Stand The Test Of Time?

When the motion controlled Kinect technology first came to fruition in 2010 there were high hopes from gamers. Of course the Wii had really made strides in popularity, but with plenty of Microsoft clout behind this one people were expecting a revolution. Originally compatible with Xbox 360, Kinect is now available on Windows and Xbox One. They’ve constantly updated with a string of new versions, leading us to Kinect 2.0 – the second generation which came with the launch of the Xbox One.

Four years on, has it made the dent on the market it wanted and will the output stand the test of time as video game greats? Of course this is mostly a matter of opinion, but some critics praised it and the units flew off the shelves. So there is some justification to say it will have its spot in the Hall of Fame. With that said, it looks like it may have had its time in the sun and is on its way out. We must have had some good times, though, right?

As with the launch of the Wii, motion-sensored consoles and add-ons were routinely seen as entertaining folly for gatherings and social time, hence the popularity of broad-based sports games. Because of this, if you were planning a bet with one of the US’ best online casinos it would be easier to wager the single most played game on the platform would be Kinect Sports. Not flashy, easy to use, and easy to get everyone involved; definitely one of the staples that the Kinect user can’t go without.

The Just Dance series is another hit and again that’s because of the ability to have fun, share and get involved. Kinect deals particularly well with this due to its advanced full-body motion tracking, but it’s not too complex and strikes a good balance between recreation and skill.

Of course Kinect is more than just party games, though, and especially since the release of Xbox One, there has been a surge on the output to satiate hardcore gamers. Child of Eden looks, sounds and plays great, as you blast your way through computer viruses.

Gunstringer has been a fundamental Kinect favourite since its inception, particularly when guys have had too much of being forced to dance around for hours on end. Hell, sometimes they just want to shoot stuff. Point your gun and blast away, just like you did in the playground.

There was more for the young male to get his teeth into, too, as Microsoft teamed up with the ever-growing UFC for the UFC Personal Trainer – killing two birds with one stone by promoting fun and fitness. It was a legitimately tough workout that went beyond what many had offered before, pushing new boundaries and becoming a somewhat realistic tool for real high-intensity training.

Admittedly looking back the quality of games hasn’t been coming thick and fast. There are glaring gaps and many duds. There should be some that are remembered fondly, though. But only history can be the judge of that.

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