Wired Headset Now Included With Xbox One Console Bundle?


[Updated: It’s a fuck up! between GEM and E.Theatre – but a headset was confirmed to have been on retail sheets which might have been an error on Microsoft’s part.]

GEM Distribution Ltd in the UK are official distributors for Microsoft Studios and Xbox hardware, it has been reported by ElectronicTheatre that wired headsets are included in the console bundle set to retail for £429 during November this year.

The Xbox One hardware bundle will now include the Xbox One console featuring a 500GB hard disk drive and Blu-ray player, the new version of Kinect, a HDMI cable, and a redesigned wireless controller in addition to a wired Chat Headset. This package will be available from an unspecified date in November 2013, with a recommended retail price (RRP) of £429 GBP.

Previously the console was to ship without a bundled headset because it had been stated that Kinect 2.0 was fully capable of handling all chat features for Xbox One. The news hasn’t officially been confirmed by Microsoft, but the inclusion of a headset is another great U-turn of events sure to please the consumer.

Three cheers for headsets all over the world.


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