Worms Revolution Review

Worms Revolution Review

Team 17’s iconic franchise returns to the Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 10th this year with Worms Revolution. The comedic, passive-aggressive tube-shaped creatures are back, bigger and better than ever in a great top form. New physics combined with more destructible environments ensure that this Worms outing will not let you down – these Worms are worth it!

Starting out at the Main Menu, you can choose from a Single Player, Versus, and Xbox LIVE Modes with more options to enable you to choose your Worms Customisation or view the Leaderboards. For all the obvious reasons, Single Player is the best place to start out to get a feel for the new physics, weapons, loadouts and by the end of all the tutorials you’ll be confident at causing a mass of destruction over any gameplay mode, alone or with friends on Xbox LIVE.

Worms Revolution does feature a nifty amount of new improvements to the series, but the standard gameplay is still the traditional turn-based elimination objectives to take down an opposing team of worms. The game is presented as 2.5D style with 3D visuals and backgrounds running on a brand new engine. For the first time ever…yes ever…and possibly the best inclusion ever…yes ever…are Worms Classes. Not some form of online learning, but different a different class of Worms can be customised. Classes of Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy Worms are at your disposal now. Soldiers are more or less the old classic Worms, Scouts can move around quicker and fall further before taking damage, Scientists can award other Worms health, but themselves have better equipment to use, and finally – Heavy Worms, as you’d expect are pretty slow moving, but can take more damage and attacks than all other worms. How you use your worms however, is entirely your decision!

Single Player features a Campaign Mode that gets progressively difficult fast after completion of all the tutorials, but if you’ve played a game of Worms before – then you’ll already be aware that Campaign is a hard hitting battle between you and the AI enemy worms that have been carefully placed and set up to make you look like a bit of a cock. It starts off pretty easy and lures you into a false sense of hope, then before you know – bang – and the Worm is gone! You’ve lost out and somehow, how the bloody hell did an enemy worm AI controlled just knock you off the face of the earth from a far-flung distance? Using imaginative weapons and a range of equipment collected from weapon drops you have just one chance per turn to beat the shit out of an enemy worm before it gets you. The clever effect of any Worms game is the window of opportunity available to you in taking down a Worm or two. You have to think about the environment, look at what equipment is readily available and weigh up the options of possibility if you have any chance of a means of survival. It may be a comedic, cartoony game – but it means some serious business, especially if you’re a bad loser and very competitive!

Reverting back to the new physics in Worms Revolution this takes effect mostly with the use of dynamic water and how it not only appears as background element as in past Worms games, but it’s now a major weapon. You can use water pistols, drop water balloons down trenches, and just blow away parts of the environment that will cause water to leak in and flush some Worms out into the sea. Other enhancements include the after effects of explosions and toxic items that poison worms after a close encounter, landscapes can burn, Telekinesis skills can allow you to move objects and pretty much the hazardous environments in Worms Revolution are more dangerous playgrounds than ever before.

It goes without saying that despite having a lengthy campaign mode and varied puzzle modes in Single Player to keep you entertained and/or gritting your teeth in desperation for hours on end – the best game in any Worms is that of Xbox LIVE Multiplayer because there is nothing more satisfying than beating a real human player. It’s just instinctive to want to be the best when up against another individual who wants to blow your Worm to smithereens and laugh in your face…if you could see him!

There are three different game modes to play with up to four players on Xbox LIVE which consist of Detahmatch, Forts and Classic. The most fun of all and likely to be the most popular is Deathmatch because this takes your Worms formation and randomly places them on the environment with the aim of fighting it out to be the last worm standing. Forts is very similar to Deathmatch, but it differs in that each player is placed on a chosen Fort (rather than random area) and the aim is to fire at each other until the last worm standing on their fort is the winner. Finally, Classic – again like Deathmatch, but it doesn’t make use of all the new features in Worms Revolution that include Dynamic Water, Physics Objects with the aim of being more like the older Worms games.

Visually, Worms Revolution looks a more modern, bright and impressive release of Worms over any other that clearly shows how a new game engine has ramped up the game out of its 2D past – but it’s classic gameplay still remains one of the best turn based arcade games to date, and it has only been improved in this latest entry into the series. If you’ve always loved Team 17’s Worms, then you’ll be more than impressed with Worms Revolution and if you have never played a game of Worms before…then Worms Revolution is sure to be a title that will make you a new found fan of the series – you may even want to get them all!

What we’re trying to say is that Worms Revolution is a fantastic, enjoyable and all round fun game than can be played both solo and even better online. A definite must-have arcade title that will have you in stitches, despair, and unleash your cut-throat competitive demon within!

Buy it !!

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