WRECKED – Revenge Revisited Next Week

505 Games, today finally announced that WRECKED – Revenge Revisited will be available to purchase on March 28th, 2012 from the Xbox LIVE Arcade. The much-requested racing title from Supersonic and spiritual successor to 2004’s critically acclaimed fan favourite MASHED – WRECKED – Revenge Revisited amps up the addictive, vindictive gameplay once more with an aggressive Battle Mode and outrageous weapons for exciting enemy annihilation!

Weapons make a triumphant return in WRECKED – Revenge Revisited, with 14 fun and explosive ways to bring a smile to the player’s face as the opposition is laid to waste — including five different types of airstrike alone. Weapons include proximity mines, flame thrower, mortar, machine gun, homing missile, shotgun, Taser and more.

Solo players can also enjoy the Championship Mode, featuring 24 challenges to beat. Success wins players livery, new car parts and other goodies. For gamers who like to take their game online, it also features online and co-op play for up to 4 players.

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