Xbox 360 Sales Hit 80M Units Since Launch in 2005

new xbox 360 e32013

Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 sales wolrdwide since the console first launched in the Fall of 2005 has reached 80 million units+ milestone! That’s a real achievement for the console maker, adding that 1.6m units this year has been sold in the US alone proving the Xbox 360’s popularity.

It was also confirmed that preorders for the Xbox One are now ahead of the Xbox 360 within the same time period in comparison.

Looking ahead to Xbox One launch, we continue to see overwhelming demand for the console with pre-orders for Xbox One selling out quicker than any previous Xbox release… Xbox One pre-orders continue to outpace Xbox 360 pre-orders in the same time period. While we remain on track to honor all pre-order commitments, we do expect to sell every Xbox One we deliver to retail this holiday.

The Xbox One will launch in selected regions around the world from November 22nd 2013.


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