Xbox calling at The Final Station in August

Xbox calling at The Final Station in August

Final Station

We’d all love to be a train driver, right? How about driving a train in a zombie-infested apocalypse? It’d be like the next chapter in Shaun of the Dead.

Developer Tiny Build have been cranking out the games this year, with Mr. Shifty being just one of their projects on Xbox One. They have now revealed that their workload schedule is near capacity but running on time with the announcement of The Final Station.

This post-apocalyptical survival adventure takes you through a dying world, inhabited by the strange, the mutated and the dead. You are the driver of a train as it travels through this environment. Look after your passengers, keep your train operational to make sure you can always reach the next station.

Fight your way through swarms of infected in mysterious and abandoned stations while you look for supplies and other survivors. These last vestiges of society are desperate for the help too. If they’re to stay alive you’re going to have to risk getting off the train to look for food, water and medicines.

You’ll also be able to find the tools you’ll need to keep moving, but they’re behind closed doors, as is danger. Devices or doom. You’ll need to open them to find out and therein lies the tension.

Pick up your gun and delve into the wastelands to stay alive and mobile.

The Final Station will be calling at platform Xbox One from the 30th of August.

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