Xbox E3 2014 Brief – Key Announcements

The Xbox E3 Media briefing kicked off at 5.30pm (after a pre-show) today with some of the most top titles and new announcements. If you watched the LIVE streams as it happened across many different devices and website’s – you too might have almost wet yourself with excitement!

The show opened with Phil Spencer on a smaller stage this year, with the purpose of showcasing the passion and creativity of gaming across the world to millions of viewers live from LA. Creators, publishers and gamers were thanked, “humbled and amazed” said Spencer when talking about how Xbox One gamers are shaping the future of Xbox, “we are better for it” – The entire briefing was dedicated to games to make Xbox One the best place to play games this generation.

call of duty advanced warfare

The first look at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was displayed, showing a war torn futuristic environment and truly spectacular visuals. The game is under development from Sledgehammer Games and will be released November 4th 2014. All DLC will reach Xbox gamers first (confirmed). First impressions seemed very positive and this could be the Call of Duty we’ve been waiting for, for a long time – something on the scale of the original Modern Warfare. Imaginative, action-packed and intense. Noticeably drones appear like Kryl in the Gears of War franchise, swarming in large dangerous bursts of evil.

Turn 10 came on stage to state that almost a million gamers a week are gaming on Forza games. Confirmation that Nürburgring track was to be made available today for FREE on Forza 5. It is a motorsports complex around the village of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (google it for more info). The most important Top 10 Studio’s premiere was Horizon 2 with a full day & night cycle and dynamic weather in stunning 1080p. Drivatar has been evolved for the open world and dedicated servers will allow you to play instantly from September 30th 2014. Over 200 cars and open world freedom – Forza Horizon 2 looks every bit as amazing as you can imagine!

Trapper, Medic or Support… EVOLVE announced a Beta and DLC exclusive to Xbox On. Quite dramatically too that made the game look almost like Aliens, from the creators of left 4 Dead.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was the first time you can join your own brotherhood with up to three friends on Xbox LIVE to define the Assassin’s Creed experience for next-gen gaming. Marquis De Bullion was the major character in stealth mode as he crept around various exquisite architecture. The game looks to be the most brutal and dramatic in the history of the franchise; better lighting, improved AI seemed prominent and 4 player split screen sword fights!


Dragon Age Inquisition, with premiere content first on Xbox from October 7th 2014. The brief trailer showed the lighting effects and dramatic sequences of terror that prevails through-out the RPG. Looked quite something, but with just a minute or just over of scenes – it was a little hard to take in all the epicness at once. Looks to be one of the greatest RPG’s on Xbox One I reckon.

Ted Price from Insomniac Games came on stage to present the insane actions of Sunset Overdrive; to take control of an open world with the intention of saving Sunset City. It’s eccentric take on action and fighting through theme parks didn’t make this look the greatest game of the show tonight, due to appearing a little like the odd one out. It is definitely something different, something completely off the wall, but I wasn’t over impressed on the first impressions I had of the gameplay on show. Quirky and colourful, but maybe it’s campaign or 8 player multiplayer experience for looting will win me over on October 28th this year.

All new DLC for Dead Rising 3 is live as of now… it’s name is so long, you’re better off just looking on the marketplace for it. Turns the game into a Street Fighting experience on Xbox LIVE.

Disney Fantasia Music Evolved will be released this October from Harmonix. Dance Central Spotlight, with all new digital tracks smart technology to get new tracks into the game every week – the game will be released digitally on the marketplace this Fall.

Lionhead confirmed that Fable Legends is a place of magic, fairytale and myth to discover the stories and characters of Albion. Soon to be your home in the game; we was introduced to Stirling, a main character who along with Winter, Rook, and Inga (various heroes) you embark upon a whole new quest in a growing, evolving world. The natural world is ready to strike back which must be defeated, all things in Fable Legends appeared to have a serious attitude problem. Lionhead’s vision is to extend beyond multiplayer with an innovative, dramatic mode – in Fable Legends you can be the villain player to control the world from above like a malevolent God. Every challenge is orchestrated by the villain – it’s your job to do the worst with your evil powers. The outcome of adventures depends on the cunning villain or the teamwork of the heroes!


343i came on stage to discuss Halo – Whilst Halo 5 is about Master Chief’s journey; his history and past – the game was confirmed for a 2015 released. In the build up, 343i are retelling the launch of Halo history with November 11th confirmed as the start as Master chief returns in Halo Master Chief collection having all 4 main games included on one disc with a single unified user interface. Halo 2 Anniversary HD will ship with the games original multiplayer and will run at 1080p 60fps on dedicated servers with 4000 Gamerscore across the whole disc. Included in the collection is Halo Nightfall, a live action series from Ridley Scott that will lead right up to Halo 5: Guardians. Last but not least, this december will launch a Halo 5: Guardians Beta to celebrate the Arena legacy with new game modes and features that can only be obtained in the collection disc. The entire Master chief story will be available on Xbox One this holiday and have been re-touched for Xbox One.

Phil Spencer also briefly showed for the 2015 line-up: INSIDE ( a new title from Playdead ) it looked very much like Limbo, but next-gen! Dark and chilling with various ways to escape danger. ID@Xbox came on stage to talk more about the indie scene on Xbox One with a look a fraction of hundreds of new games on the way. Showing just brief clips, it was hard to pick out a favourite…

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Lara Croft is all set to return to Xbox One in a whole new and great outing that looks every bit as deep psychologically as it is going underground to find lost treasure. Not a great deal was shown, but the brief teaser was enough to wet my pants and appetite. One of the best games of the xbox 360 of all time (in the eyes of thisisxbox) my excitement for the next game in the franchise is nothing short of off the scale!


The Witcher 3 was played on stage from Projekt Red and looked like a brighter, more graphically enhanced and vivid Witcher 2. It wasn’t all that exciting or thrilling and appeared like something we already played before. As I hold the Witcher 2 as my all time favourite RPG to date, I still have very high hopes for this release next year.

Phantom Dust has been brought back from the dead and will be released only on Xbox One. For those who remember the original, the latest adventure appeared to be a battle of power on screen. The original was a 3rd person card based fantasy title that brought the action to life vividly in on-screen battles.

Game Director, Ryan Barnard presented more information on Tom Clancy’s The Division – showing further gameplay and areas overrun by hostile factions. New content will be released first on Xbox One. The Division is an upcoming third-person tactical shooter action role-playing video game developed by a handful of Ubisoft studio’s and will be released during 2015. A definite appeal for Ghost Recon fans as The Division appeared like a modernised futuristic version.

Platinum Games announced their Xbox One exclusive creation ScaleBound – filled with dragons and action, it all seemed very exciting.

David Jones and Phil Spencer came on stage towards the end of the show to announce the return of one of the Xbox 360’s finest games – Crackdown! The new Xbox One exclusive Crackdown wasn’t dated, but its over-long illustrious trailer showed it to be coming back as one hell of a title just as great as the original.

…and then it ended!

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