Xbox EMEA’s Phil Harrison – Indie Dev’s Generated Over One Billion Dollars of Sales Revenue

phil harrison

Xbox EMEA’s Phil Harrison, Corporate Vice President, IEB , has revealed that independent developers have generated more that ONE BILLION DOLLARS of sales revenue on the Xbox 360 from more than 400 titles currently available on the market.

In a post made on the Xbox Wire – Phil Harrison quoted:

Xbox will continue to foster a truly global community of independent developers. Xbox has helped over two hundred indie developers bring over 400 titles to market – generating over US$1 billion in sales. Which means more great games for you, the player – and this commitment will continue on Xbox One.

Developer talent is not only the core of Xbox’s DNA, it’s why I get out of bed in the morning (right after my two young sons jump on me!). Creating new worlds, devising new characters and storylines, taking technology and interactive experiences in directions designed to wow audiences – it’s wonderful to be part of this business, it really is. Not only does Xbox have an incredible technology and online vision but we are fortunate to work with some hugely talented creative people and development partners.

Everyone at Microsoft Studios in Europe, together with our colleagues elsewhere across the extended global Studio network, are working together to transform entertainment into extraordinary, connected experiences, powered by the cloud, first and best on Microsoft platforms.

He also began his opening by stating how much he loved Ryse, Quantum Break, and Kinect Sport Rivals – to read it in full, head on over to his post on:

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