Xbox One controllers go retro

The world of controllers gives gamers more choice than ever before when it comes to modifications, colours and designs. Las Vegas based firm Hyperkin are catering for the older gamer by providing a touch of Nostalgia.


The X91 controllers are smaller and shaped like older controllers used to be but with all the functionality of modern day ones. Andy Pearson who is the head of marketing said “We’re delighted to be able to bring the X91 to Europe. Not only does it’s retro design remind us of how much fun it was playing 16 and 32-bit games, it’s premium build makes it feel like an essential piece of kit for any committed gamer.”


Officially licensed by Microsoft the X91 will come in Red, Black and White however there are no signs of any other colours planned. The only real deal breaker for some is they controllers are wired, but then again to get the full nostalgia experience I supposed they would have to be. The X91 is compatible with Windows 10 and laptops via it’s USB. I love the idea of these however there is no word on price yet so I’ll reserve judgment until then. The controllers are due for release February 21st 2017.


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