Xbox One Fall 2017 Update launching for everyone

Xbox One Fall 2017 Update launching for everyone

Its been in preview for a few months but its now launching for every Xbox One owner, and presumably will be the dashboard pre-loaded onto the Xbox One X. Yes, its new dashboard time, something that usually comes once a year, just like Santa but a few months earlier!

The new 1710 update contains many wondrous things, most of all the ability to customise the dashboard to your own personal tastes and also brings in the ability to game capture in 1080p direct to a USB memory stick for up to 60 minutes. I personally tried this feature last week and it is as awesome as it sounds!

The main thing you will notice immediately is the design change to the main dashboard. This allows you to pin anything as a “block” on the dash, when you scroll up and down. Games and friends can be added as these blocks. Pins have been increased to 40, and the guide is now faster and more responsive. Pressing the guide button now brings the guide to the forefront and all the features are now laid out horizontally.

I have played with this new dash for the last week and it does feel a lot better, and the addition of the USB capture works perfectly. I can’t wait to see this dash on the X in 3 weeks time!

For the full feature list check out the official post on Xbox Wire.