Xbox One is getting some Spareware


Finnish developers, Rusto Games have snuck in under the radar with the announcement of their top-down shooter, Spareware, for Xbox One.

This procedurally generated mulitplayer bullet-fest is set around the streets of a dystopian future Helsinki. Unlike lots of futuristic shooters, however, the robots in this one are not the enemy.

In Spareware, you roam around this city, looking to pick up scrap to build and upgrade creative weapons with which to destroy the evil humans. Customise your robot to fit your playstyle and co-operate with up to four players to achieve the ultimate goal of pacifying the human race.

Spareware is in the ‘coming soon’ phase of release, so we’re expecting it released around mid-March on Xbox One.

Here’s the official announcement trailer to keep you going.

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